Waking up after having a good night’s sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. However, many children do not get the recommended 8 hours of sleep and can see their academic or social performance degrade without their control. Here are 5 signs that your child has a sleep disorder that is disrupting their waking hours.

#1 Night Terrors

A night terror is a sleep disorder where, when somebody is having a bad dream, their bodies do not wake them up immediately and instead causes them to move around, scream, or sweat without their knowledge.

While it is normal for children to have bad dreams, night terrors can disrupt the child’s (and family’s) sleep cycle and can be a sign of anxiety issues or family genetics.

#2 Sleepwalking

As many as 30% of children experience sleepwalking, and while many will get rid of the sleeping habit in their teen years, it can still be a distressing and dangerous sleep disorder for your children.

#3 Snoring

While snoring itself isn’t a sign of something wrong with your child, it can be caused by respiratory infections, tonsil issues, or could even foreshadow that your child may be developing obstructive sleep apnea.

#4 Bedwetting

On its own, bedwetting is a pretty common phenomenon that most children go through in their developing years.

However, consistent bedwetting can impact your child’s sleep and self-esteem and may mean that they are struggling with a sleep disorder. It could also be a sign of bladder control issues or high levels of anxiety.

#5 Overeating

If your child is eating too much food or mostly junk food, a lack of sleep or a sleep disorder may be the cause.

This is because our sleep cycles control two hormones in our bodies called ghrelin and leptin. These hormones control our appetite or lack of appetite, and when our sleep cycles are inconsistent, our eating habits will be as well.

Having a good night’s sleep provides many health benefits over the course of our lives, and helping your child with any sleep issues they may have can help make them a happier and healthier adult down the road. Give our child health experts a call today at 813-371-0388 or visit us online to see how the staff at Novel Pediatric Center can serve your child’s needs.

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