Hello! My name is Dr. Sujata Kumar and I am a board-certified pediatrician with considerable experience in all aspects of pediatric care. I started this practice because I believe in building relationships. I believe it is not sufficient to treat problems but also consider the cause of the problems and focus on preventing illness.

True healing can be achieved by treating the body, the mind and the spirit and by incorporating the three into the treatment plan.

The Direct Primary Care model (DPC) allows me to have long appointment times and really get to know my patients. If you are looking for a compassionate doctor who will spend ample time with you, you have come to the right place. Welcome to my practice!

DPC stands for “Direct Primary Care.” Direct care is medical care directed at the patient – no insurance middle man, no red tape and no confusion. The contract and relationship is between the doctor and you, the patient; not with the insurance companies.

A direct care doctor deals with the patient one-on-one from both treatment and billing standpoint. In this micro-practice, I will see fewer patients and spend more time with each one of them, whenever the patients need to see the doctor. No insurance hoops to jump through like other medical practices have to do.

I can spend more time doing what I signed up for when I studied medicine – providing great quality and empathetic healthcare to pediatric patients with parents as the only partners in their child-care.

I will bill the patients directly at the time of service. The patient can then bill their own insurance (if they have out of network benefits) to recoup a majority of their out-of-pocket costs.

There are two pricing options that are both simple and upfront. Please get the details in the Membership and Fees page.

Get detailed information about the services provided in the Services page.

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