Membership and Fees

Novel Pediatric Center offers two types of payment options – membership and Fee for Service or single visit payment method. See details below:

Membership – Option 1

For individuals who desire exclusive physician access and being able to call or text Dr. Sujata Kumar at any time, a membership plan is available. For a small monthly fee, membership service provides direct access to the doctor. In addition to up to 36 visits per child per year for an annual contract, you can call or text the doctor during office hours or after hours or from out of town. The fees will be auto-debited monthly.

New Patient Enrollment Form

Benefits of membership include:

  • Low monthly fees, no copay
  • Minor procedures and in-house treatments and labs included
  • Monthly fees include well-child exam (yearly physical)
  • Numerous office visits (up to 36 a year)
  • Access to telemedicine/video calls with the doctor
  • Access to individual health care with focus on prevention
  • Includes “problem visits” for acute primary care visits (upper respiratory infections, UTIs etc.)
  • Same day visits available
  • Visits are long and not hurried
  • No wait times
  • Text or email the doctor with questions anytime (In an emergency you have to call 911)
  • The doctor will call you with results if you can’t come to the clinic

Membership costs:

Direct Primary Care physicians work for patients, not for insurance companies. The membership fees are kept low by eliminating overhead costs associated with billing insurance.

One time membership registration fees: (non-refundable)

  • One child – $50 per month
  • Two children – $100 per month 
  • Family (three or more children) $125 a month

Monthly membership costs:

  • Age 0 to 3 years – $60 monthly
  • Ages more than 3 years to 20 years- $40 monthly
  • Family up to 5 children – $175 monthly (regardless of age of child)

Fee for Service (Pay per visit and procedure) – Option 2

Well child exam (once a year) – $130
This is a preventive care exam (does not include price of labs or any other needed tests)
Problem visit (acute care) – $75 per visit
Evaluation of simple problems, or one problem that is complex (example: visit for birth control, infection check, irregular bleeding, respiratory issues, etc.)
Follow-up visit – $60 per visit
Simple an quick follow-up visits to discuss lab results, effect of treatment, adjust medication, answer any questions, fill out paperwork, etc. A 20 percent discount for coming prepared with exact cash is available.
Telemedicine/video visit – $50
If you are unable to come in person for a follow up visit, or you want a second opinion, the visit can be done via telephone consult or video chat. Visits suitable for telemedicine/video chat is based on doctor’s discretion.

In office procedures costs vary according to the procedure and supplies associated with the procedure. These will be in addition to the visit. All costs will be discussed before the procedure is performed.
Comparison chart for the two options



Non-Member/Single Visit

Acute Care Visit Included (up to 36/year) extended visits, little/no waiting $75 per visit
Well-Child Check Included (all age-appropriate well-checks) $130
Sports/Camp Physical Included $75 per visit
Vision Screening Included $10
Hearing Screening Included $15
Minor Procedures Included (Discounted prices or cost of supplies) $25 to $50
Medications Administered in the Clinic * Included (Price of medicine additional) Additional charge
Wellness Screening Laboratory Tests Included Insurance allowed ***
In-House Screening Laboratory Tests Most tests included/Some for discounted pricing Discounted pricing ****
Send-Out Screening Laboratory Tests Discounted pricing/Insurance allowed Insurance allowed *****
Radiology Studies Discounted pricing/Insurance allowed Insurance allowed
Appointments/Scheduling Same/Next day Next available
After Hours Consultation/Care Included None
Phone/Text/Email Consultation Included None
Non-Controlled Prescription Medications ** Discounted pricing Discounted pricing ******
Annual Flu Shots Included $25
Immunization  Not Included *******  Not Included *******
Specialist Referral Included Not available
Coordination with Specialist Included Not available
Telemedicine/Video Calls Included $50


* Certain medicines can be given to the patients in the clinic for early treatment.

** Some common medicines can be given directly to the patients at the clinic.

*** A written request for the needed tests will be given to the patients and may be taken to the service provider that bills the insurance.

**** Prices are based on costs to do the test.

***** Prices are subject to change based on cost and availability.

****** Tests may be purchased at a discounted price or a written request can be given to take to the service provider to bill insurance directly.

******* Currently it is cost-prohibitive to provide immunization in the clinic but you can go to local health department for immunization services.

Lab and Testing Costs Comparison



Non-Member/Single Visit

Ear Wax Removal Included $40
Rapid Strep Test Included $10
Rapid Mono Test Included $10
Urine Analysis Included $10
Neb Treatment Included $10
Pregnancy Test Included $10
General injection Included $40
Spirometry $10 $75
Rapid Flu Test $15 $25
Rapid RSV Test $15 $25
Catheterization Included $75
Laceration $50 $75