Across America, medical professionals from all fields are seeing the flaws in our current system and switching to the revolutionary primary direct care model. Dr. Sujata Kumar is one of these professionals and has decades of experience serving the medical needs of families with a specific focus on pregnancies and pediatrics.

Let’s take a look at Dr. Kumar’s Novel Pediatric Center and how she is using the direct primary care model to heal and serve the families of Florida.

Why Make the Switch to Primary Direct Care?

Dr. Kumar knew that she wanted to be a doctor while growing up in India, ranking 1st among female candidates for medical school admission in her home state of Bihar. After coming to America in 1992 with a focus on OB-GYN care, she soon switched to pediatrics after falling in love with her adorable patients.

The critical moment when Dr. Kumar decided to open her own private practice came when she read an article by Dr. Pamela Wible on the benefits of cash-only practices.

“I researched some more and to me, the advantages of membership-based models versus fee-for-service models benefited patients more. So I decided to start my own clinic based on the direct primary care model” according to Dr. Kumar.

What are the Benefits for Patients?

The major benefit that all patients will see with a direct primary care doctor like Dr. Kumar is that they will see their wait times slashed and be able to have more quality time consulting with the physician.

By having her own practice and setting her own hours, Dr. Kumar’s patients no longer need to spend weeks waiting for an appointment time or sitting for hours in a waiting room to see a doctor.

This improved timeline will also mean that patients will see an increase in the quality of their care. By having more time with her patients, Dr. Kumar will be able to focus on wellness and treat the root cause of a patient’s illness, rather than simply treating symptoms as most medical professionals are forced to do when short on time.

Dr. Kumar is ready to serve her community and make Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay a healthier city, but her success story is just one of the hundreds emerging across the country. Give our direct primary care pediatric clinic a call today at 813-371-0388 or visit us online to see how Dr. Kumar can serve your family’s needs today.

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